Digital Dentistry: Crowns and fixed esthetic restorations without metal, in a single visit.

In Oralcorp ® we are committed to incorporating these advances so that our patients can benefit from them.

That is why in our clinic you will be able to find CAD CAM that allows us to design and manufacture crowns, inlays, bridges and dental veneers on the spot.


How does it work?

The first step is the digital scanning of the teeth: Simple, fast and precise.

A small scanner will capture three-dimensional images of your teeth. With these images and with the help of the software, a model of them is constructed in the computer.

The second step is the design: Accuracy.

Once we have the digital impression, using the multiple tools of the program we will design the prosthesis that we need: veneers, crowns, inlays, bridges or crown/implant over the implant, all with the greatest precision.

The third and final step is to make our prosthesis: Speed and precision.

Once we have both, the digital print and the design, we only have to send the information to the milling machine that in a few minutes will have our prosthesis ready.

For its preparation, we use high-quality biocompatible ceramic blocks, so we completely eliminate the metal, thus ensuring tolerance on the part of the patient.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry CADCAM

  • Latest generation materials, 100% metal free and biocompatible with our body.
  • No need to make molds or uncomfortable prints.
  • Natural a
  • Perfect fit.
  • No annoying temporary parts.
  • It is no longer necessary to take prints with paste and the long waits of weeks to enjoy our restorations, whether they are bridges, crowns, partial restorations, veneers or restorations on implants.
  • Minimally invasive preparations, whenever possible, the entire healthy tooth will be preserved, thanks to the latest advances in adhesion.
  • We achieve high accuracy in restoration settings, all in one session.
Origo Express

Digital Radiography

We have a digital phosphor plate, EXPRESS ™ Origo so that by not having to impress X-rays with a radiographic plate, it helps the patient to receive a much lower dose of radiation. This allows several radiographs to be performed without risk.

By not having to reveal a radiographic plate we gain time and as a result, greater comfort for the patient.

It also allows us to incorporate the image into the patient’s file without deterioration.

Tuttnauer Autoclave

At ORALCORP® Specialty Dental Clinic to guarantee your safety and ours, we have compact, state-of-the-art autoclaves (TUTTNAUER) that ensure the sterilization of all dental instruments, surgical clothing, glass, and others. The autoclave (steam sterilization) is the most effective means to destroy pathogens, the best autoclave worldwide.


Led Lamps of Photocured BluePhase 20i and Valo.

In ORALCORP® we have the award-winning LED lamp and VALO, considered the best in high-performance polymerization, ensuring the complete polymerization (enduring) of all the materials we use, will save us time in the polymerization, reduces to a quarter the time expected, making our work optimal and reliable.


If you do not go to the dentist for fear of the noise produced during the treatments, in ORALCORP® thinking about your comfort and safety, we work with the famous NuTorque system that is more compact, light and SILENT than the rest of the turbines currently on the market, It does not vibrate and is easily adaptable. You will feel the difference !!!

Nu torque
Tecnologia Oralcorp

NSK Surgery Pro

NSK Surgic Pro is a powerful and irreplaceable tool for our specialists in ORALCORP® because it allows us to obtain optimal results in implant procedures and oral surgery. It is a compact, elegant and fully integrated system, which guarantees a hundred percent precise speed and torque control, by the real-time performance that appears on your LCD screen. It allows our professionals to use Surgic Pro with any brand of implant systems. It provides maximum safety, without compromise, in all speed and torque configurations.



And start smiling in all your photos

At Oralcorp we commit quality and the continuous improvement of our dental processes, guaranteeing the total use of 100% biocompatible and high-end materials. Our clinic is designed to meet the highest biosafety standards under national and international standards.


We understand by Biosecurity, the set of rules and procedures applicable within the practice of Dentistry, with the aim of preserving the health of our patients, the healthiness of our work environments and the health of the work team and their family, in an environment free of pathogenic microorganisms.

Use of barriers of personal protection

  • A disposable bib is used for each patient.
  • Specialists should keep their hair up and wear a hat during the care of every patient.
  • Dentists must change gloves and mask between patient and patient.
  • Professionals should wear disposable gowns and caps during surgical procedures that require it and are discarded after patient care.
  • In surgical procedures, staff will use sterile gloves.

What is the importance of biosecurity for the success of the treatment of our patients?

The unit should be spotless and the office in order.
The instruments that will be used for each procedure must be wholly packaged, labeled and sealed.

Centrifuge (PRF, platelet rich fibrin y Sticky Bone)

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF, platelet rich fibrin), corresponds to an autologous fibrin matrix rich in growth factors, which promotes and accelerates the repair of soft and hard tissues. It is a new concept in the product of platelet concentrates rich in growth factors that are obtained from the mixture of a fibrin matrix rich in platelets and cytokines (PRF) with the addition of bone graft material.


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