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Gift Card

Is there anything better than giving smiles to the people you love the most? Oralcorp ® offers you the opportunity.

We present the new Oralcorp® Gift Card, a perfect gift for your loved ones.

This gift card is perfect to give at Birthdays, Communions, Christmas, on Mother’s or Father’s Day or perhaps on an Anniversary or just because the person you want to surprise deserves it.

What is the Oralcorp® Gift Card?

It is the best way to give a smile to the people you love most.

Where can I get it?

You only have to go to our center, ask the staff, indicate the amount you want to give or treatment and you will have automatically your Oralcorp ® Gift Card charged so that you can deliver it to whomever you wish.

In what treatments can the Oralcorp Gift Card be redeemed?

You can exchange it for any treatment that the recipient is going to perform in the clinic, either as part of a treatment or for the complete treatment.

It can be purchased in two modalities for specific treatment (Example: a whitening, prophylaxis or orthodontics, etc.) or for a defined cost (Example: 30, 50 or 100 dollars, or the amount you choose).

More information by calling 0998870000 or 072582139 or visit us at our center.