Smile Dental

Smile Dental

A real Smile Dental consists of achieving this harmony taking into account the different treatment alternatives according to each specialty of dentistry.

A beautiful smile is the one that is characterized by being harmonious and pleasant with the face of each person. It is necessary to take into account the size, position, shape, and color of the teeth according to the physiognomy of each person and their relationship with the gums, lips and skin color, among others.

At Oralcorp ® we are committed to the oral health of our patients, which is why we have qualified professionals who offer treatment alternatives for every need, using state-of-the-art technology, high biosecurity standards and excellent quality materials that guarantee their success.

Diseño de Sonrisa

When is a Smile Dental justified?

The problems that justify a Smile Dental are color changes that can not be eliminated with teeth whitening, fractures of teeth due to accidents, wear and tear over the years, bad positions, spaces between teeth, large gums, short teeth.

Which alternatives should be considered before a Smile Design?

It depends on each case. Sometimes orthodontics is the best treatment because only by straightening the teeth the appearance can be changed. It is a more delayed process, but the results are natural and for a lifetime. Increasing the size of the teeth by cutting the gum and doing a subsequent whitening can be another alternative.

Which are the risks?

Formerly in most cases, in Smile Dental process the teeth are carved with the dental bur and then add the material that will change the shape and color. Currently, we perform minimally invasive restorations without the need to wear the tooth. These treatments are not for life and require retouching. Ask us; we will be waiting to answer your questions.

How to establish if it is needed?

Our Rehabiliter will make a proper diagnosis with photos, computer design, x-rays, and carpets (mock-up) in which you will enjoy your new Smile Dental before making any irreversible changes. It is crucial that those who complete the procedure are trained and have the technology and materials indicated.