Digital Smile Design

diseño de sonrisa

Making our patients’ dreams come true is part of our work. We create digital smile designs based on a photo of the patient’s face in few minutes. With 3Shape Smile Design technology, we combine 2D and 3D images to direct the design of your new smile based on the physiognomy of the patient, obtaining optimal results and high aesthetic quality. Reliving the beauty of a natural smile from our patients is part of our work. Dentistry and technology evolve hand in hand, so in Oralcorp ® we use the 3Shape Trios 4 intraoral scanner; that allows you to take digitized impressions of the patient’s mouth in three dimensions.

Thanks to the intraoral scanner, the diagnosis is facilitated, and also the treatment, and its results can be predicted with greater precision. Obtaining the study model allows to speed of the treatment obtaining the result before being executed in the patient’s mouth. So that, you can have a vision of how your new teeth will look, this is a digital smile design

With the latest knowledge in modern dentistry, our experience and the application of advanced technologies and equipment, we can deal with the most complicated cases and make your dreams come true! The link created between the patient and the dentist, after performing this procedure that changes the life of a patient, is one that can last forever.

How does it work?

Once a correct diagnosis has been made, and after the patient has decided the smile them like, we make a virtual with that exact smile. In a matter of minutes, we show you how your smile will look on your face. Once the patient accepts it, the digital smile design can be sent to our laboratory where it identifies (in the software) the corresponding tooth library to use. For example, a diagnostic model or a final restoration. Now we will be able to recreate the exact smile that the patient selected and saw for the first time in the 3Shape Smile Design.

Look some of our cases

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